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Artist from Vallemaggia

Sculptures in bronze, iron, stone and wood. Paintings in different techniques.

Guido Caminada was born on the 11th of March, 1951 in Arosa (Graubünden, Switzerland). Some 40 years ago he moved to the sunny side of Switzerland, called Tessin. He lives in Gordevio in the beautiful Vallemaggia. His atelier with its sculptures garden is situated at the main street and attracts guests and friends from the village who like to stroll through his outdoor exhibition.

Guido Caminada′s preferred materials are bronze, iron, stone and wood. For his paintings he uses different techniques on linen or paper. All sculptures and paintings are unique creations.

Guido Caminada′s philosophy of life is based on love for life, people and nature. His attitude of mind is reflected in his artworks. Observing his graceful figures, one gets the impression of dancing creatures ready to flee from their socle. If he sees people talking to his sculptures or lovingly caressing them, Guido is satisfied and has reached his aim.

All sculptures and paintings are unique creations. Take a moment to browse through some of his art works.

Atelier Guido Caminada

CP 12
6672 Gordevio
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